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What is bazaar? It is a permanently enclosed marketplace or street, where goods and services are exchanged or sold. It is not only a place for trade, also for production, accomodation and more… Bazaar is a place of gathering inhabitants of an urban area which emerges around a commercial activity.

readings of the context: İzmir Kemeraltı

This is an urban research that approaches the context as laboratory of experiment in order to observe and explore tools of spatial organization. This urban research is for deriving ways of operations which are design acts and tools to respond complex urban situations. It is an urban based architectural understanding.

Here are the analysis that I made. Our site is between Kordon and Kemeraltı passage, it is a transition space. You can reach there from two roads: one is articulated to cultural fabric of the city, and other is articulated to social fabric of the city. Kemeraltı consist of many caravansaries. Mosques are took their place around Anafartalar Street. They are orienteers, Mosques remind you that you are getting into Kemeraltı Passage. The analysis underlined “interconnected fragmentation concept” is about this. You can investigate it.

Ass3_Nehir Melis Uzun

In this collage, I tried to understand the activity of buying, selling, storing in different scales. Every scale has its own programmatic requirements. First, you should zoom in and zoom more to examine what is inside the collage:) Scale study is for developing an architectural program for our site, searching new meanings and possibilities while working relations between different scales. I prepared a collage that has certain details in relation to its scale. There are sequences, experiences about exchange. Bazaar is not only a space for consumption.

for this collage, my reference is “Powers of Ten” :

Continuation of readings of the context: Izmir Kemeraltı

After analyzing existing conditions, I worked on previous solid void maps of the site. Kemeraltı consist of many caravanserai that built in the past. After analysis, I examine that our site was also consist of many caravanserai. Bold lines are underlining walls between caravanserais. Those walls are important for me: khans are thresholds, places where you sometimes “pass through” to reach somewhere. They connect various streets. After critics with my instructors, I tried to relate my thoughts about khans with these existing walls. Those walls were borders between khans. However my thoughts about khans are more than that: khans should be permeable for me. First, I tracked those previous remains of walls…

Horizontal surfaces are dissolving into vertical walls. Walls are also no more border. Dissolved surfaces creates a unity, which consist of zones. Walls are framing instances. Through walls, people experience framed living moments of others as Hogwarts portraits. 🙂


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east elevation and sectionelevations