ARCH 221’s first assignment is reading History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals which was written by Spiro Kostof. This weak, I have read the first chapter of the book.
Architecture is nested with history. History works on and analyze books, literature, drawings and more variables of the time which historian needs. Architects make sketches and diagrams from the initial step of their design, and to the final production. In addition to these sketches and diagrams, abstract drawings, plans, elevations, models -in small scale- , section drawings help them to explain the structure in a comprehensible sense. With all of these, we try to see the structure as it’s creators’ viewpoint, because these resources are creators experiences. These studies which are going to be documents of architectural history are needed to have a record of process of the design both for architects and historians.
An architect should document her/his every process of design and everything for both his/her own and future generations. Buildings’ photographs, important notes, sketches, maps, paintings are needed history of architecture. Architects need images which are helping them to communicate with other architects and others that are interested. This language also helps them to get in touch with different centuries. However, this communication does not gives vest to architects to reconstruct the building. Structure cannot be separated from its surrounding. Greek, Gothic, Baroque architecture are meaningful when we think their environment. They cannot be separate from the whole composition. Reconstructing buildings without respecting their environment and without respecting their centuries is rude, in addition it creates poor surroundings.
Consequently, to determine buildings personal character we should evaluate it with its time. We should not judge buildings in its context. Searching the tradition also could help us, because tradition is a bridge, that helps us to understand the structure, its architects’ approach and the sequence.