My design princibles: using streching apparently and less, have two or more sides, that have different qualities. In my very first model, we see three different parts. I tried to create totality composed of minor groups. I can say, it is my target in all variation steps. Also in my planar model, we see two parts. But in addition, these two parts are not completely different from each other. But, we can compare a lot of things with this variations. This simple part is variation of this more fragmanted part. In my complex part, we see cube’s repetition. We see AAR, RRA in just one addition. Simple part is the variation of my design ideas. In complex part, the repetition creates volumes, and it makes to read the grid easier. Proximity also makes it easier. We can also see the hierarchy.
I used streching for increase the importance of this linear part. I streched planar elements to make one part more linear. Now, I see two different dominant parts. In variation 1, the fragmanted part is more dominant. In variation 3, we see seperation, consist of two parts, contrast between density and cavity, and the balance between planar and stick form elements. In order to achieve more potentials, I use streching, long sticks to read the volume easier. Linear movement helps to have better holistic relations. In variation 2, and others, I always had different parts. Now, they are dissolving in variation 3. My word is dissolving, which means merge, pass into solution, pass through, become part of something. The cavity part is dissolving into the linear part. We can also see parts, but the density of fragmanted part is decreased with dissolving. and the linear part also dissolves. In my variation 3, my design decisions are: increase linear part.

ARCH 121- 07

Architecture is not a think that you can explain. In the art, it should not be explained, it must be experienced. Both architecture and sculptor works with mass. However, they are different Sculpture lacks a decisive factor: utility. There is a beautiful example in the book which can be relate with architectural mistakes. A popular Danish actor was riding a bicycle, he was wearing a handsome costume, and his bicycle too is of the best. But in the result, we see they do not go together. In ofher words, it is impossible to take over beautiful architecture of a past centuries, it becomes false and pretentious when people can no longer live up to it.

19th centuries illness was obtaining the best results,and copying them, and also universities were admitting. However, this interpretted buildings were meaningless. Because the creaters create their buildings with the environment’s, city’s light. They can be meaningless in a different place, and they can become alienish in a different century. Building should be keeping with the times as long as it stands. However, some ideas can be copied, but with the architect’s comment, in architecture, architects composes the music which others will play. In Calergi Venice- Palazzo Vendramin and Havnegade-Meldahl we see some similarities like windows.


Architecture is for ordinary people. So that, it is easily comprehensible to all of us. For example: boys were playing football on the top step of the stairway behind the church. They use the wall like as if they are playing squash, and the downstairs are their border. They experienced certain basic elements of architecture: the horizontal and vertical walls above the slope. They learned to play on these elements. We sense the whole three dimensional compositional.

Understanding “soft” and “hard” experienced from our childhood. We can have a soft thing which become hard with a special process, after firing. It is easy to understand, why we still think it is as a soft. With the examples from the book, we can understand the things which are sometimes underestimated from us are more important than we think. The truth is: Less is more- Mies Van der Rohe


From the beggining to the end, the idea is constant. Primitive man also has plans with his primitive resources. His first condition was units of measure in order to obtain solidity and utility in the work, he was adobting units of measurement, he was regulating his works, he was taking his pace, foot, elbow and his finger we can say it is on the human scale, also he was using geometry: circles, right angles, axes. After all these, using various objects, relative distances, he has discovered rhythms. A unit gives measure and unity; regulating line is a basis of construction and satisfaction.

Architecture, the first invention of people, creating their own place where to live in nature. In todays architects, they are more free to create. They don’t stick into laws, we can say he is a free poet. However, regulating lines is as important as primitive man’s life. It is an assurance against changing, it avoids loosing harmony, rhythm, it fixes the fundamental geometry of the work. In addition, it is the reason. Why beautiful things are beutiful. Arsenal, Notre Dome, Capital, Petit Trianon… These buildings created with using fundamental geometry and regulated lines.

Simplicity is the key of beauty. Simplicity contains and also creates complexity. Sometimes being free poet is nice, but if it never loses it’s plans

ARCH 121- 03

How to interpret art and works which made with art? This is the question, both the video Bernstein L. ” What does music mean? ” and the text written by Le Corbusier ” Pure Creation of Mind ” answered. These both emphasise  the art’s real meaning.

While looking at an art work -this can be a music, a painting, a building or something- you mustn’t say, it is about unhappines, happiness, stress… This is not what this art work relates with. When you hear a music, you can remember a moment or you can relate it with any movie, however art wasn’t composed like this. Both music and building that are about art, don’t tell you any ideas, any words. They are not about anything. It could be inspired from something, but they don’t tell you anything. I’ll exemplify it with an example from the video: you can relate a music with cowboy movies just because it plays before this movies starting then you can say ” This song is about cowboy movies. ” . However, this is wrong, we mustn’t think like that. Music is about notes as Bernstein said.  Art can be inspirated from something, but it needs evolution, interpreting. Art isn’t a think, which makes you feel it. Every people can feel different thinks or remember different moments while they see or listen this art work. They will make humans feel completely different.

Art is putting elements together according to a plot, not randomly.Nothing comes together by chance in art. Putting elements together gives extra meanings to art, but not meaning. Whatever, art doesn’t means story.


Design studio, where you learn a lot stuff by doing more practice after learning your assignment at the discussion table, and having an idea what to do with your master’s taught is where I want to be. You also have architectural education and practice at the same place and at the same time. You learn by doing at the studio.

Taught by more masters than one is an important and advantageous change in architectural education. Seeing different views, learning different ideas and more imagination are the benefits of this change. It’ll improve our design skills. There is no one truth in art like medicine. Different ideas, different worlds are important. That’s why students need more masters than one at the design studios.

I’m a new architecture student, however I know a lot about it’s hard ways and I learn them with my own experiences. I have been dreaming of being and architect for many years maybe since I was born, but these two weeks were really hard. I think this is a test made by my teachers to understand can we stand on, or run away. Drawing lines with just an inch graph… However, I can’t deny that it was enjoyable maybe because of the design studio’s athmosphere. I like being there and learn new thinks about art and architecture.