.ARCH 101- 08.2

We produce a model in the light of my theme, dissolving. My model again composed of linear and planar elements. I use strech and eliminate, extrude and change transparency. Extrude and change transparency are my new design operations. I hatched my transparent papers. I focused more on the volumetric relations for improving my general design scheme.


ARCH 101- 07 Variation 2

Now, we are expected to merge our structural frame and planar variation model to achieve a single model, composed of linear and planar elements. In addition to operations addition, rotation and branching, now we can use streching -modifying the dimensions we have like extand or shortening- end elimination.After discussion, I use streching more to create two different parts. Eliminating and streching make my model leveled up.



ARCH101-03 and 04 LIGHT BOX

We test our model under the new circumstances which are provided by the light box. We produce a light box to take photographs after finishing the model. The aim was revising the model according to the new inputs: light, shade and shadow, in order to achieve further spatial effects and depth of field in the prin tout. At the beggining, we use our sketch paper. Than in the final model, the most important think is changed. We change our pieces place and also pieces according to light and shadow qualities.

Initial model
Final model
Final model