This semester, we are going to design a museum in İstanbul. First, we tried to examine what museum is, how it can be articulated.



Both music and museum comes from muses in Greek culture. Museum term was belong to poetry and philosophy in ancient Greek culture. Museum had various meanings with time in varied centuries. The character of century, character of environment shaped the meaning and examination of museum. Museums were not open to public, sometimes they were as repository or case.

-Publicization of museums

Before 19th century, museum was as temples. Creations thats creators were alive was not able to be presented in museums, creators had to die to be known. The museum which was in Paris, named ” Musee des Artistes Vivant” changed examination of museum and articulation of creating museums. Alive artists had chance to be known before die. Musee des Artistes Vivant was interpreted at various times in 19th century.


With publicization of museums, perception of museum varied. Workshops became to be more popular, interactive exhibitions became the part of museum. Visiting museums became the part of daily life, that’s why the products that exhibited are placed for a certain period of time. Living artists had opportunity to share their ideas.

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