16th century was transition period in architectural sense. Former styles disappeared with modern approaches. Modernized tradition of ancient Rome also used in these years. Architects started to investigate new forms and styles with the help of the technology. Gothic style that has oriels, tracery, correlation, crenellation and tall multi lighted windows  was also appeared in these years.

Leone Battista Alberti who was one of the leading architects of the renaissance and Roman architecture was designer of S.Andrea. He designed a barrel vault over the nave that opens to the smaller spaces.

Alberti called Villa Medicea that had Ionic entrance porch “West front of the Parthenon”. In 16th century, some people still maintain constructing with classical attitudes (using Roman and Greek architecture’s styles) and Villa Medicea is one of them.

villa medicea.jpg

Gothic architecture’s targets changed with time. First Gothic habits were founded on individual elements having their own character. Every detail had their own character and Gothic architecture depended on internal correlations. However, those Gothic habits were thrown out. Architects started to design the structure and make a unitary plan. Resulting in, certain rules began to emerge in Gothic architecture.

Hagia Sophia (532-537) deploys the solidity of Roman’s domes with taking daylight in through a perforated clim. Those openings both provides light to the interior and creates a mystical place.

hagia sophia dome.jpg

With 20th century, modernism that consist of primary forms and colors uniting several standards started to shape the environment and the architecture. De Stijl which is a modern movement for architectural space purified from ornaments and comprised abstract geometries. Visual diversity also got importance with modernism. People focused on investigating new forms with the help of the technology while trying to create structures that have their own character. I think that, that is the most important thing in architecture and all architects should create their personal language to communicate with the environment. Modernism meets that requirement. Spaces take their shape according to humans needs. Consequently, cities started to have their own character and diversity of cities increased.


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