In the fourth century, Greek became overpopulated. Alexander the Great who was famous king of Greek people consolidated an army had many victories. Many people that are previously unemployed started to work as a soldier. Alexander the Great expanded Greek’s land to Anatolia. This expansion changed the way of Greeks dwelling and concluded the Classical period. With this enlarging of territories, Greece started to rule alien people who had already shaped their environment with their culture. That also effected Greeks way of creating statues. After expansion athletic human figures did not created as before, artists started to work on the concepts that were defeat and anguish.

The style of the architecture changed and that called Hellenistic style. It was created with inspiring from old and changing the old with the light of new demands. For example: the axial formalization of Hellenistic architecture adopted from the Akropolis. In the old times, there were distinction between column and wall. With hellenistic style, we see engagement. Apollo temple, that was located on mountain and created while considering to design while making expressive effects is first piece of the new architectural order called Corinthian. In this approach, decorative purposes was more important than functions. While they were giving different roles to Ionic and Doric columns, they were losing the main target of creating columns. Ornament can be considered to cover up the real, losing the meaning.

At the Hellenistic style, Greeks suggested a new column that is out of the common to the space: corinthian. The position of that singular column was also a new situation.

Greeks started to state the columns closer and cella columns became figurative since they were acting as an ornament and gave their “carrying roof” and also “load bearing” role to the walls. With this changes, architects started to experience possibilities with variations for themselves on the columnar traditions.

Hellenistic temple which is to Apollo at Didyma built at Miletus. With improvements of Bassae, they had architectural achievements. They had reform on the ionic order. Ionic column changed its shape: became taller and thinner.

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