With Bronze Age, people start to built more complex structures instead megalithic architecture of Stoneage and that periods monumental structures. In Bronze Age, peoples purpose was urbanization. They used natural landscape to determine the boundries of the building environment. Landscape shaped their cities and their organizations. Egyptians also used nature while building their environment. When we compare this period with old periods, we can say that, people start to find different ways to deal with problems. For example, in river villages they built moats against floods. They started to dwell with different ways.

In Greek, each temple represents one god. They had monumental structures. In Greek structures, they pay attention to perception of perspective. The viewpoint is important for their temples. They do not have directional entrance gates. They have columns where you can enter from using the gaps between.

Terrace is like basement for Greeks. The terrace surrounds the building.

The structures of Greek have oblique direction, so observer can see two facades at the same time. They had private propriety, and they were not have army. Everyone had responsibility to protect the city.

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