My design princibles: using streching apparently and less, have two or more sides, that have different qualities. In my very first model, we see three different parts. I tried to create totality composed of minor groups. I can say, it is my target in all variation steps. Also in my planar model, we see two parts. But in addition, these two parts are not completely different from each other. But, we can compare a lot of things with this variations. This simple part is variation of this more fragmanted part. In my complex part, we see cube’s repetition. We see AAR, RRA in just one addition. Simple part is the variation of my design ideas. In complex part, the repetition creates volumes, and it makes to read the grid easier. Proximity also makes it easier. We can also see the hierarchy.
I used streching for increase the importance of this linear part. I streched planar elements to make one part more linear. Now, I see two different dominant parts. In variation 1, the fragmanted part is more dominant. In variation 3, we see seperation, consist of two parts, contrast between density and cavity, and the balance between planar and stick form elements. In order to achieve more potentials, I use streching, long sticks to read the volume easier. Linear movement helps to have better holistic relations. In variation 2, and others, I always had different parts. Now, they are dissolving in variation 3. My word is dissolving, which means merge, pass into solution, pass through, become part of something. The cavity part is dissolving into the linear part. We can also see parts, but the density of fragmanted part is decreased with dissolving. and the linear part also dissolves. In my variation 3, my design decisions are: increase linear part.

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