From the beggining to the end, the idea is constant. Primitive man also has plans with his primitive resources. His first condition was units of measure in order to obtain solidity and utility in the work, he was adobting units of measurement, he was regulating his works, he was taking his pace, foot, elbow and his finger we can say it is on the human scale, also he was using geometry: circles, right angles, axes. After all these, using various objects, relative distances, he has discovered rhythms. A unit gives measure and unity; regulating line is a basis of construction and satisfaction.

Architecture, the first invention of people, creating their own place where to live in nature. In todays architects, they are more free to create. They don’t stick into laws, we can say he is a free poet. However, regulating lines is as important as primitive man’s life. It is an assurance against changing, it avoids loosing harmony, rhythm, it fixes the fundamental geometry of the work. In addition, it is the reason. Why beautiful things are beutiful. Arsenal, Notre Dome, Capital, Petit Trianon… These buildings created with using fundamental geometry and regulated lines.

Simplicity is the key of beauty. Simplicity contains and also creates complexity. Sometimes being free poet is nice, but if it never loses it’s plans

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