ARCH 121- 03

How to interpret art and works which made with art? This is the question, both the video Bernstein L. ” What does music mean? ” and the text written by Le Corbusier ” Pure Creation of Mind ” answered. These both emphasise  the art’s real meaning.

While looking at an art work -this can be a music, a painting, a building or something- you mustn’t say, it is about unhappines, happiness, stress… This is not what this art work relates with. When you hear a music, you can remember a moment or you can relate it with any movie, however art wasn’t composed like this. Both music and building that are about art, don’t tell you any ideas, any words. They are not about anything. It could be inspired from something, but they don’t tell you anything. I’ll exemplify it with an example from the video: you can relate a music with cowboy movies just because it plays before this movies starting then you can say ” This song is about cowboy movies. ” . However, this is wrong, we mustn’t think like that. Music is about notes as Bernstein said.  Art can be inspirated from something, but it needs evolution, interpreting. Art isn’t a think, which makes you feel it. Every people can feel different thinks or remember different moments while they see or listen this art work. They will make humans feel completely different.

Art is putting elements together according to a plot, not randomly.Nothing comes together by chance in art. Putting elements together gives extra meanings to art, but not meaning. Whatever, art doesn’t means story.

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